3 Influencers Monthly

3 Influencers Monthly

600.00 every month

The Influencer Package 1 includes 3 influencers a month to create content and post on social media about your brand. The content would feature your brand product if you sell physical products, or it could be talking about your service or experience that your brand provides. Each influencer will be hand-picked from our database of 32,000+ influencers across a wide array of categories: Lifestyle, Food, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Fitness, Wellness, Sports, etc.

What You Get:

  • 3 influencers a month

  • 3 - 6 posts a month total

  • Influencers will each have 10K+ Instagram followers

  • Approve all content prior to go-live

  • You can choose to keep a few or all of the same influencers every month or we can rotate in new ones

How it Works:

  1. Subscribe to this package, cancel anytime

  2. Fill out the Brand Brief pop-up

  3. Muses will assign the most suitable influencer for your brand within 72 hours