What do I get with Muses.work?

MUSES.WORK takes the guesswork out of selecting the best freelancers and talent for your brand. No more sifting through resumes and pitches, rest-assured we are selecting the talent most suited for the work you need done.

We are able to do this because:

  1. We know our network of talent better than anyone. Each talent will be selected based on a number of factors: their previous work history and performance on the Muses platform, their responsiveness, their level of experience and what needs to be done.

  2. Once you purchase a package, you will need to fill-out a Brand Brief. The more detailed information you provide in the brief, the better guidance we will have to select talent accordingly.

  3. Each talent is hand-selected by our Community Team. There is no auto-assignment.

can i choose my own freelancers?

If you would rather go with the self-service approach, please post a gig at MUSESAPP.COM. Once you post the gig, freelancers will start applying, and you can accept/decline anyone you like.

how do you select the freelancers for me?

One we receive your Brand Brief, Muses will make the opportunity available to our network of 45,000+ freelancers through our desktop platform, ios app, social media, and newsletters. We will hand-select the freelancers best suited for your brand based on the information provided in the Brand Brief to assign your freelancers.

what do i get with the muses ios app?

The Muses iOS app provides entrepreneurs, brands, and freelancers networking opportunities in addition to hiring and getting hired. Members can add one another to their professional networks for future projects.

what if iā€™m not satisfied with the work?

At anytime you are not satisfied with the work performed, please contact us directly at mail@musesapp.com. We are happy to look into replacing the freelancer that is assigned to you or you can decide to cancel your subscription.

how do i cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your Muses.work account.