Bloomingdales Trend Talks

Bloomingdales Trend Talks


Align Bloomingdale’s store on Michigan Avenue, Chicago with fashion trendsetters and engage with local shoppers to drive in-store traffic.


Muses selected top Chicago fashion influencers to host a Spring Trend Talks panel at the Bloomingdale’s Michigan Avenue store. Panel influencers invited their followers to join the event to hear about new fashion pieces and brands carried at Bloomingdales. Event attendees were encouraged to shop with influencers after the panel event. Over 100 micro-influencers and local shoppers attended the event.

Participating panel influencers include:

Ali Stone, Instagram Influencer

Belinda Selene, YouTube & Instagram Influencer

Shirley Yang, Muses Founder & CEO

Rishika Mahtini, Bloomingdales Midwest Marketing Director

CONTENT & Results

Over 100 attendees of micro-influencers and local shoppers

Over 200 Instagram posts and stories

3,500,000+ Social Media Impressions

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